Love is a personal affair

Everybody deserves to be happy. Everyone wish to make everyone around him or her, especially those important to him or her, happy.

I talked to a friend a couple days ago, she said she wants to make a couple of her friends happy and she taught being a matchmaker would do the trick. With the way she poured out her worries it seemed she burdened herself about her ex-boyfriend, former suitor and high school best girl friend’s love life.

So I told her this:

Sometimes the one we are looking for are the ones others did not choose for us. Sometimes we have to find him or her on our way, on our own and on our own terms. It’s sometimes frustrating to wait, and waiting is frustrating because uncertainty is there, will he or she come? But patience is a virtue.
God has a plan for all of us, or if you don’t believe in god well some higher being has something in store for us.

Enjoy what you have now and keep an open heart to all possibilities. That is all you have to do.

Sometimes it’s better to just be a supportive friend and a passive one when it comes to matters of the heart.

The heart cannot be taught who to love even if all your best friends says he or she is good for you but you yourself can’t see it or the other way around. It will be useless. It’s sad to see that they will get hurt by choosing the wrong ones but then it’s their decision. We just have to be there for them when they need to cry or listen when they need to vent and hope they will learn from their mistakes. As a friend just be there.

We don’t like to be told what to do, we are all stubborn in that way. So as the famous line goes “Whatever is in store for us will be for us.”
Each has their time and place in this world and you can’t carry the weight of all the love problem of your friends.

Good thing my friend is open-minded and receptive and she gave me a good response:
C3ers : wow.. i like that sis.. thanks.. i’ll try not to be so bothered in the future when it comes to matters of their hearts…

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