Why do men keep pictures of women?

Guys Brain Scan (Disecting The Male Mind) (Part 1)

In my quest to understand the male species (but actually just to silence Gem, short for the green eyed monster) I went to Friendster and ask my male friends (they are guy friends I know personally from work and school in the past) this mind boggling question:

Why do men (in general) keep pictures of women other than their girlfriend/ wife? What is the reason behind keeping or storing pictures of women, random women in their computer or wallet or shoe box or anywhere they can stash picture of women!
And even show it off to friends? Why?

Out of the 11 guys who answered only two answered elaborateLY. Some gave a casual manner while some think I was joking and answered lightly.


From AE, 28, happily married government employee:
I do keep pictures of my exes for the following reasons:
1.For all time sake, i want to glance at it and reminisce on my memories with them. (tipong pang-senti, (being sentimental) time to drink beer)
2. I show them to my friends to let them know how lucky I was during those days. (tipong pampayabang ba? (Bragging) )
3. Ego booster. (to remind me I “had” them or something like that. hehehe)
4. Wala lang. pictures are harmless and sayang naman kung itatapon unless panget at dapat nang itapon. hehehe! (Nothing. Pictures are harmless and it’s such a waste if I’ll just throw them away unless they are ugly and better left in the trash!)
Kahit nagtatago ang lalaki ng pictures ng ibang babae, importante kung sino ang kasama niya ngayon. Wala namang magagawa ang pictures para mabago ang nararamdaman ng lalaki towards sa GF or asawa niya. Sa akin ha? Hindi kasi ako apektado sa ganyan. (Even if men keep pictures of other women, what’s important is who we are with. Pictures can’t change how a man feels towards his gf or wife. That’s my opinion? I am not affected in anyway) What is past is past and what was done is done.

From AM, 40, journalist, married with 2 kids
Men are in a way like women, vain. They keep pictures of other women other than their gf’s or wives to show to their male friends that they have other women in their lives. That there are other girls in their lives despite being committed already some women other than their wife or gf find them desirable and are willing to have relationship with them and being guys we can’t turn down such offer.
Personally, I had other women other than my wife or girlfriends in the past but I don’t keep their picture in my wallet because it could result to your own doom. (Lagot tayo kay misis! Beware the fury of the angry wife!)
O ano okay na ba ang sagot ko? (So is my answer alright?) Ngayon wala na akong (now I don’t have) other woman other than my mother, wife and two cute children of mine that are both girls. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have one, bye bye!

From OP, 32, single, teacher
i really don’t keep pictures of women i don’t know in my wallet.. only the significant one…. so i can’t really answer your question….. but, guess… it’s a macho thing… to up your morale with the other guys.. but it’s small talk actually…. anyone who does it has very little self-esteem.. he he he…uuu

From JZ, 26, married, TV reporter
Dalawa lang yun Earth (it can only mean two things Earth), either to impress other guys sa mga naging girls niya (either to impress other guys about the girls they had). parang collection kung baga (like a collection), dagdag pogi points especially if their taken/married kasi nagagawa pa rin nila yun (it’s also a form of one uping other guys especially if they are taken/married because they can still do that). or second mahal pa rin niya yung girl na yun and he cant move on, parang umaasa pa na one day eh magkikta ulit sila (or second he still loves the girl and he can’t move on, hoping one day they will meet again).

From JR, 26, single, technical support representative
Keepsake. I think something for inspiration. I don’t keep any (e)It’s not something for showing off (naman). I think it’s a supplement (na rin). Something that you can keep on your wallet, and on your heart. (Basta ako), I dont keep picz of them

From GD, 23, single, customer service representative
Ay earth, di ko gawain kasi yan. PROMISE. Wala akong tinatagong pic. Kung meron man, yung kasama ko first girlfriend ko lang. Although wala na kami, we’re very good friends pa rin. You know naman never pa ko nagka-gf before this girl, yung nasa primary pic ko. pics lang namin ang tinatago ko (Earth, I don’t do that. Promise. I don’t keep pics. If there is any that’s the person I am with, my first girlfriend. Although we are not together anymore we’re still very good friends. You know I never had a gf before this girl, the one in my primary pic. It’s just a pic of her and us that I keep.)

From RT, 33, in a relationship, TV news anchorman
To have a conversational piece.


From NC, 24, single, customer service representative
Kasi sabihin nung guy, kita mo yan? Kahit hirap na hirap na ako sa buhay, la pang mas hihirap pa dito..(ipapakita picture)..hehehe..jas kiddin!! ( (The guy will say, see that? I’m having difficulties in life now but there’s no one more desperate in life (then show the picture)

From RDS, 36, married, cameraman
Hindi ko masagot kc malinis ako mag trabaho walang ebidence..u joke. (I can’t answer because I’m good at hiding evidences!)

From SS, 31, single, OFW
Siguro dahil sa mahal nila yun… at maraming maliligayang sandali ang nakatago sa likod ng larawan na yon…he…he. (Maybe because they love that person… and there are lots of happy moments behind those pictures)

From BP, 36, single, journalist
Masarap kasi silang tignan, kesa naman lalake diba. (They are nice to look at, instead of men)

From TT, 32, married, government employee
I don’t. Di ganoon kalakas ang loob ko (I don’t have the guts to do that). Pero kung mayroong mga lalaki na ganoon (but if there are men like that), they want to show off, especially to their friends . They want to prove that age hasn’t affected their mojos. Men are dogs, as if you don’t know.

From JJ, 31, married, journalist
Actually guilty din ako. I don’t know why we do it but we just do it.

Anyway for whatever reason, nude pictures or clothed pictures of women, men are visual creatures. Generally the men in our lives would assure us that it should not be a cause for alarm, even our male friends will advise us the same and well I agree. Pictures are not a threat, like AE said, they can’t do anything to change how your man feels for you and past is past, pictures can’t do anything at all.
It should not cause alarm for us women at all except for extreme situations when they look at those pictures they keep day and night like a drug they can’t go without looking.

And as explained by my girl friends, they are just appreciating beauty and probably they want to know how their taste improved over the years, an ego booster. But any woman who sees pictures of other women other than their picture or family member, would be jealous, some are just good at hiding their urge to ask their men and just let it pass. I am not afraid to ask because I hunger for the truth or at least I want to know
you better.

Tips for men, if your women ask a similar question, get the hint, they are getting jealous, all you have to do is assure them that it’s nothing to be threatened about and give a prompt reply. The sooner you answer the better. Delaying your answer or being mad at us to avoid giving us an answer will only cause more trouble than you think and you are can’t get away with it. One way or another, we will find a way to ask you again. Bettle settle our minds now than let us simmer.

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