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Starbucks and Earth Day Celebrations

Storm up a Starbucks near you this April 22 as Starbucks Coffee, Philippines will be treating it’s patrons to a Php 40 discount if you use your own tumbler/mug in purchasing any of your favorite beverage at any Starbucks store in the Philippines.

• We recommend customers participating in this campaign to bring tumblers that have the proper insulation for either warm or cold drinks.

• Bottled water and pre-packed juices are not included in this campaign.

• Transactions with Senior Citizen, VAT Exempt and Handicapped discounts are not qualified for this promotion.

Earth Day 2008 will be commemorated in a week-long campaign in the Philippines starting today, April 20 to 26 by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 1276 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in April last year. The Philippines celebrates with the rest of the world, with the theme “Lakbay para sa Kalikasan! Para sa Buhay at Kinabukasan!”.
Quezon City residents hoping to clear their storage rooms of junk can now get rid of it and make money at the same time.
The city government will be putting up a waste market on April 22 in line with its celebration of Earth Day this month, according to the city’s Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD).

Andrea Po, acting chief of the Plans and Programs Development Division of the EPWMD, said the waste market would be located near the underpass fronting city hall.

The waste market is an incentive to get local residents into the habit of recycling to minimize the garbage generated by residents, she added.

For more Earth Day Events Around the World.


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  1. earthlingorgeous

    Hi Catherine! I’m not sure if this is available in Malaysia 🙂 but you can check your local starbucks for sure on April 22. Probably a world wide event too who knows 🙂

  2. earthlingorgeous

    Hi Nojo! Are you here in the Philippines?

    Rarely do I see people going to starbucks carrying their own mug though… some here especially college students think having a starbucks cup is cool and ups their social status hahaha… that’s why starbucks thinks of this innitiative to lessen trash.

  3. catherine

    Does it happen in Malaysia too? How I wish!! Anyway, thanks for your encouraging comment to my blog. I love your blog too. Can we be linked friend? I have added you in my link list. Have a nice week!

  4. NoJo

    i often take my own mug. but I rarely go to Starbucks.
    But I will for that discount…

    I’m new hre, was looking for some blogs to read and found yours. I’m blogging about my latest ‘green’ adventure.

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