SATC and Top 3 AI

Yipee! Sex and the City Movie will be showing soon in theaters near me! Can’t wait! I love them, I love the show so much. The shoes, the clothes, the talks and the girls.

Okay, another fearless forecast on American Idol Season 7.

Atrocious was the right word, Simon just says it all, what the crap was Jason Castro doing in the Top 4 anyway? Yeah he is charming but look now, where is his charms? So now you actually see that he got nothing more to offer. Jeez.

My Top 3 would be David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado… but wait I predict that David Archuleta will win this seasons title of American Idol. Why? He is young and a prodigy, AI will do good promoting his talent, he needs AI title to survive and pursue a singing career.

David Cook will not win the title. Why? He is too good to be an American Idol. For me he deserves the World Idol title. He can go mainstream if ever he will be booted out on the top 3 or didn’t get the AI title. I believe David Cook is already made and he is just there in AI for the ride. He has shown what he can do, what a great talent he is, everyone noticed it with his version of Always Be My Baby.

Syesha will not get the title despite being a good singer, they won’t let her because she is black. Admit it or not Americans is still a bit racist.

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    Hi Jade,

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  2. earthlingorgeous

    Sure best friend I will share tips on making my beautiful blog template hahahaha!

    Hop in anytime!

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    New again!!! Woohooo you’ve been busy I can see! Nice work. Next time I know, you will be designing templates for other! Keep it up girl!

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    Hi,very nice posts i like your template EG how did u do it? share naman please…hehehe doing my bloghop here…

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