Bizaare Ideas for the Sunken MV Princess of the Stars

Well, here is the latest photograph of the sunken ship MV Princess of the Stars in Subuyan Island, Romblon, Philippines. Those two tiny boats are actually the barges that will do the salvage work. Did you see the huge difference of that ill-fated ship to those barges? It’s humongous.

Anyway, the salvage work was halted again because of the unpredictable (well it’s not really that unpredictable because it’s the rainy season) weather. Typhoon Nina is up and well since the tragedy that claimed more than 300 lives the Philippine Coast Guard is strict in implimenting the “No Sail Policy” when typhoon signal number 2 is up.

Titan Salvage and Harbor Star, the contractor for the salvage work were still waiting for big waves to quiet down to allow workers to push through with the salvage work.

I’ve heard reports that the salvaging operations will focus on locating and removing the toxic cargo edosulfan by (a cargo of the Del Monte corporation) somewhere buried in that ship and prevent any more damage before it leaks out.

With the size of this ship, it’s near imposible to clear it out at the deadline set by the government. It will suck out money and the delay in the work due to the weather is not good.

What I think they should do instead is just leave that ship afloat. It’s amazing how enormous ship like that (650 tons?) did not sink deep in the water, unless that part of the Sibuyan Sea is shallow because of the many sink that sunk in that area many many ages ago (Sibuyan Sea War).

Why am I suggesting to let that ship floating there? Well, that can be used as a major tourist attraction in the area, however dreadful the story behind that ship, it will draw interest all over the world, the fascination why it did not sink to the bottom of the sea.

Also, it will draw tourist in the not so well known part of the Philippines. Let’s admit it before this incident happen was everyone aware that there was such a place in the world? I bet not too many.

This also means that the shipping companies, cargo and public transport vessel, branch out their operations in this part of the country. Not many go to this part of the country, Sulpicio Lines Inc. was the only one who travel this far, honestly. The reason why President Arroyo allowed their cargo operations despite the Board of Marine Inquiry report wasn’t finished yet. (Well, it will be a monopoly in the shipping industry (Aboitiz being on the top) if our Marine industry continues to go on a slump because of all this sea accidents now even Supper Ferry collided with a Sulpicio Lines ship.)

More tourist means more jobs, more jobs means livelihood for the resident of Sibuyan. It will compensate for the “lost” livelihood they said they lost since the barring of fishing for a couple weeks in the area.

Actually, they can totally bar fishing 200 meter radius to the sunken ship and make a fish sanctuary. This means more fish for them!

This suggestion is after they find that toxic substance endosulfan somewhere at the heart of the princes.

Good suggestions eh? What do you think?

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  1. Yeah Shawie, it’s so odd really. There is a joke going on, maybe because of the shipping lines name Sulpicio that’s bringing them bad luck. They say it sounded like SOUL PEACE YOU! Yikes!

  2. haaayyyy… it’s really sad incident…never happened once though…tooo many times! they should terminate the franchise of this shipping company…they’re being irresponsible! if the government will forgive them, it will continue to go on… more lives to lose if nobody will ever learn from it!

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