Count Me In The 1st Asian Blog Advertising

I don’t want to miss this opportunity an Asian blog advertising community that will finally display relevant ads in my page and all I have to do is sign-up sit down and wait for the money to come to me. I am also excited since the roster of their advertisers composed of bluechips such as Citibank, Honda, Walls, AirAsia, Nokia, Nike, Nescafe, Twisties, and more. I do indeed want ads from them, hopefully I see some of them show up in here some time.

All I have to do is wait two weeks after this post and viola cash will start to flow. I’ve been to other blog advertising but none of them really catered to the Asian markets more so Philippine bloggers.

Here’s all you got to do visit sign-up and add the codes to your blog. That easy.

What I think I like best about Nuffnang is that they have a community of bloggers and not just a blog advertising platform. They are very transparent and advocates camaraderie among it’s member bloggers and advertisers.

I’m so looking forward to this: (as posted on their website)

Blogger Outings

Coming soon! We’re looking to organize our first blogger outing! It could be Go Karting, Paintballing, or the like. Suggestions are welcome. Nuffnang will either fully pay for or substantially subsidize mass outings to foster friendships amongst the bloggers in our community. Keep your eyes peeled!

So Philippine bloggers what are you waiting for, sign-up now and I’ll see you here, there and everywhere.

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