It’s Time Everyone Flies

Yeah I know this is the catch phrase of Cebu Pacific, but it’s so appropriate these days here in the Philippines especially.
I don’t know if anyone noticed but all domestic airlines here have been bargaining seats and air travel is no longer expensive that I just rather fly than take a bus, that will take me forever to get to a domestic destination here in the Philipines; or ride a ship, which I am now scared of doing because of the one too many sea accidents happening here right now. I would rather fly, it’s fast, it’s safer, efficient and convenient (except if you have a problem with the vacuum noises inside a small jet because on domestic flight they use those small air buses only, believe me they are safe).

Here are four airlines here in the Philippines that you can book a very cheap flight, even get a free flight (but sale is up to Sept. 30 only, and you have to be very patient finding a flight for yourself.)

Me, I was lucky to get my mom, daughter and me a free flight (yes! as in zero fares, ziltch, nada,) to my mothers home town province, Tuguegarao, Cagayan. I’m so excited I’ve never been to her province before, despite having travelled almost all top tourist destinations here in the Philippines.

So yeah as I was saying the 4 airlines you can book a flight and fly!

1) Cebu Pacific
2) Philippine Airlines
3) Air Philippines
4) Asian Spirit

I’m planning on a weekend getaway to Boracay just to relax and unwind and these airlines have cheap fares that it’s so irresistible. Go ahead and book a flight, NOW!

(Pic is a view aboard Philippine Airline airbus leaving Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines)
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  1. yeah Dani, it is, you can stay at my house if you do visit and I’ll take you to places and we will fly around 🙂 it’s safe to fly really especially at long distance that will take you forever to get there.

    One or two hour on an airplane compared to 12 hours that’s already half day you can spend exploring a new place:)

  2. I’m a baby when it comes to flying, but I have to say that It IS way faster and easier. Have fun on your trip… I still swear that I’m gonna go to the Philippines one day…Heard it was beautiful……
    Miss ya girl…

  3. very true! been availing these promos since 2006. it is more practical than to take a boat.

  4. very true! been availing these promos since 2006. it is more practical than to take a boat.

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