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Toxic Cargo Retrieval Completed

It’s official, 402 barrels of endosulfan were successfully retrieved safely from the sunken MV Princess of the Stars as of 1PM today (Sunday, October 5, 2008).

Sulpicio Lines said the toxic chemicals are now properly stored, awaiting the task force decision when and where to ship it in Manila for proper handling.

Next to be cleared by Titan Salvor and it’s local partner Harbor Star are the hydrocarbons and Bayer chemicals and then the bunker fuel.

Priority was given to the retrieval of the toxic chemicals from the capsized vessel to ensure the safety of those who would do the body retrieval of victim’s remains which will be the next step after all chemicals are safely taken out of the water.

The local residents of Sibuyan Island, Romblon will no longer file civil case against Sulpicio Lines because they are more interested in the livelihood project the company has in store for them.

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The MV Princess of the Stars, which capsized on June 21 off Romblon province at the height of typhoon Frank (international code name: Fensheng), shipped 10,000 kg of endosulfan that halted the grim search of bodies amid fears that operations may cause environmental disaster.

Authorities later on discovered smaller chemical shipments by Bayer CropScience, Inc., including 392 kg of Antracol WP70, 501 kg of Fuerza GR3, 17.5 kg of Trap 70WP and 150 liters of Tamaron 600SL. About 250,000 liters of special fuel oil remained intact.

Vice-Admiral Wilfredo D. Tamayo, Philippine Coast Guard commandant, expects the salvage work to be finished earlier than scheduled.

On Sept. 30, Transportation Undersecretary for maritime affairs and Maritime Industry Authority Administrator Ma. Elena H. Bautista, chief of Task Force M/V Princess of the Stars, announced that the retrieval of endosulfan will be completed “within 12 to 16 days.”

Salvage work started last Sept. 24, and the $7.55-million (about P356.84 million on P47.26 rate) contract is expected to be finished in one month.

Mr. Go said they will work on a contract with Harbor Star for the removal of hundreds of bodies trapped inside the vessel.

The sunken vessel carried more than 850 passengers and crew. More than 30 survived and more than 800 are presumed dead, with many bodies still trapped inside the ship.
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  1. Rambling Woods

    That was a very dangerous mission, but I’m glad that they were successful…very good photos too.

    This is my first visit and you were kind to visit my blog. I scrolled through and was drawn to the section on autism as I am a retired special education teacher. You gave very good information….

  2. MumbaiiteAnu

    Wow, that’s dangerously close in the rough waters?
    Beautiful pictures.

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