3rd Contest Update and Another Tag

As of today there are 64 subscribers to my feed but 22 are only qualified for the contest since they are the only ones who completed filling out the registration form.

Here are they and their accumulated points.
  1. James 8pts
  2. Roger 10pts
  3. Bhing 18pts
  4. Aerin 23pts
  5. DiTesco 11pts
  6. Pia 11pts
  7. Marybeth 21pts
  8. Enchie 28pts
  9. Sweetytots 40pts
  10. Donald 7pts
  11. Maria 7pts
  12. Arlene 23pts
  13. Tere 7pts
  14. Dhadha 21pts
  15. Sherry 54pts
  16. Poshpost 28pts
  17. Aireen 8pts
  18. Awang 9pts
  19. Edelweiza 7pts
  20. Inhinyero Kuno 19pts
  21. Jehzlau 10pts
  22. Aimz 19pts

Aside from the T-shirt from Rosilie ,

the decorative soap from Washableart;

Gift certificates from SM and

Starbucks is up for grabs for my 1st Year Blog Anniversary Contest!
(For International winners if they win a gift certificate not usable in their country the amount equals the gift certificate will be sent to them through Paypal.)

My Anniversary Treat is still on-going, so those who wanna join just hop in! You are all welcome, this is open internationally! More prizes up for grabs that I will announce every update! Detail on how to join is here.

Meanwhile, I was tagged by Leah

Here are the rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and also to read your blog.

Random Facts About Me:

1) I just finished painting my daughters playroom. My daughter helped me out and we got dirty with paint. Don’t worry it is NOT lead based and odor free and easy to wash out I used Davies Paint color Lily White.
2) Just this week I won a lot of small stuff that makes me happy like the Nuffnang premiere ticket, Italliani’s Gift Certificate, a $9 for Techlure sent on my Paypal, won new friends I met on the Nuffnang event!
3) We are going to Hongkong this Christmas!
4) I attended my first parents teacher conference today!
5) I can surf 100 blogs a day and comment on them too! (pag sinisipag at super bored)
6) I am 30 but too many people mistake me for a 20 year old!
7) I can snag a great deal on flights!
8) I just got the camera I purchased on E-Bay! This is my second E-bay purchase and I am happy about it!
9) I have the ability to hear conversations 3 meters away from me.
10) My bestfriend and I are thinking of starting a new business together. Watch out world! Hahaha!

Now I am tagging Aimz, Sherry, Aireen, Sweetytots, Monique, Pretty Me, Mommy Ruby, Cathy, Pie, and Bhing. Phew!

Ok people don’t forget to join my contest! If you are already registered just continue earning points for more chances of winning! More prizes up for grabs that I will announce every update! Details here.

How to increase your points: Just keep coming back everyday and leave your comments. You can also gain additional 10 points by encouraging friends to join! (Just make sure the person you refer will register and join the contest, then inform me of the friend you referred for this contest).

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  1. its good to see you move up the button giveaway, so blogger can easy see them 🙂

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