Blog Contest Are Habit Forming

Are blog contest and giveaways habit forming/ addictive?

When something gives us a pleasant sensation or experience we tend to want more of it . Such is the effect of blog contest and giveaways. The little effort spend commenting, posting buttons on your sidebars or even creating a blog post is worth the pleasant surprise of winning something out of doing what you are already doing, browsing blogs and commenting.

I can attest to that actually, after the series of winnings in blog contests I got I now consciously look for blog contests that I can join. it brought my blog browsing experience to a different height since aside from the reward of getting some comments or traffic back to my blog by habitually visiting blogs, I could win something tangible too.

Or maybe because I get pleased easily and simple winnings like a movie premiere ticket or a cup of coffee from the local coffee shop would get me all excited. Aside from that blog contest are risk free and the chance of winning are higher than betting on the lottery or other forms of gambling.

Talk about gambling, somebody said that I am having gambling issues already by joining blog contest and the desire to win them. Duuh!

I do browse different blogs a lot and comment along the way specially if I like what was blogged about and well joining contest is just like that commenting on different blogs. Posting about the ongoing contest is nothing like posting a review or doing a paid post. I don’t see any problem with that.

Blog contest are great, it’s the spirit of sharing blessing spread on around the blogsphere and since I love blog contest now and there are a couple of contest I would like to join that requires writing a blog post I created my new blog: Earthlingorgeous Gambles: She’s all about winning (All About Blog Contests and Giveaways).

Well, if you are addicted to blog contest like I think I am now visit my new site and let’s all have fun testing our luck! After all life is always a game of chance, it’s either we win or they win. Happy Blogging!

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  1. Hi Ms. Earthly Gorgeous. Don’t worry. For me, we ladies are just having fun! And I am very amazed for the awesome line of giveaways you have for everybody. This is just like a raffle online.We blog instead of filling out forms. Keep it up! You’re making people happy.

  2. @ Sweetytots I am serious!

    @ Sherry are you inviting me to be a sponsor for your contest?

    @ Uncleawang Yup that is gambling so is playing poker and online casino and I don’t do that!

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