Contest Points Update

To those who want to join or subscribed to my feed just a heads up, simply subscribing to my feed doesn’t automatically count you in the contest. You have to register and post comment to inform me what you have done so I can tally your points much better.

Here’s the registration again for those who subscribed but not registered and make it count:

Earthly Explorations 1st Year Blogiversary Thanks Giving Treat

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To get more points the complete mechanics is here.
Points Update
  1. James 8pts
  2. Roger 19pts
  3. Bhing 24pts
  4. Aerin 24pts
  5. DiTesco 14pts
  6. Pia 11pts
  7. Marybeth 21pts
  8. Enchie 32pts
  9. Sweetytots 44pts
  10. Donald 8pts
  11. Maria 7pts
  12. Arlene 28pts
  13. Tere 7pts
  14. Dhadha 24pts
  15. Sherry 118pts
  16. Poshpost 35pts
  17. Aireen 8pts
  18. Awang 11pts
  19. Edelweiza 7pts
  20. Inhinyero Kuno 19pts
  21. Jehzlau 10pts
  22. Aimz 20pts
  23. Sena 19pts
  24. Eleanor 8pts
  25. Al 7pts
  26. KC 11pts
  27. Luna 5pts
  28. Gagay 15pts
  29. Purplesea 5pts
  30. Chris 26pts
  31. Tinay 8pts
  32. Ginny 8pts
  33. Bunny 32pts
Contest ends December 12 so hurry gather more points and register now! FYI: Those who are already in the list means they have registered so no need to register again.

Earn extra 5 points for every friend referred to join and completed registration, technorati fave and subscribe to my feed.

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  1. my name is already in the list or it might be someone else. anyway, I have just filled up the registration form above.

    Hope I can win something!

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