Giveaway Prize Update — I’m Back!

OMG! I’m back! Finally!

Sorry friends for being away for almost a week! My stoopid (I intentionally misspelled the word) net provider Smartbro had been very lazy (err they said they were busy) updating their services (that I had to wait for a week! Incredibly ridiculous!) to get fixed. Anyway, I am here I am back and I am happy to be back!

I had tons of e-mail I have to read, what a backlog! I didn’t go to net cafe just to check mails because I am very busy with my daughter and busy with my Christmas preparations and all that jazz.

To make up for my absence here is my welcome back to me post, the prize update for my 1st Blog Anniversary Thanksgiving Giveaway:

Grand Prize:

  • 1 My Blog Rocks T-shirt
  • 1 Washableart soap
  • 1 GC from SM worth 500
  • 1 GC from Starbucks 300
  • $10 cash payable through aypal

Aside from the T-shirt by Rosilie ,

decorative soap from Washableart;

Gift certificates from SM and

Gift Certificate from Starbucks

(For International winners if they win a gift certificate not usable in their country the amount equals the gift certificate will be sent to them through Paypal.)

A special raffle will be done for those who technorati fave my blog, wrote a blog post about this contest or wrote a post about my other blog posts.

Prize for that would be:

  • 1 My Blog Rocks T-shirt
  • 1 Washableart Soap
  • SM Gift Certificate worth P300
  • Starbucks Gift Certificate worth P200
  • $5 Cash Payable through Paypal

Top 5 commentators will also get a surprize gift!

So for those who already registered for the contest just keep coming back on my blog everyday to and leave a comment. (It would be great if you can also go through my old blog post and comment in there too :))

For those who haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW! Here!

Contest ends on December 12 and winners will be drawn on December 15 using winners will be announced shorty.

Oh by the way! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 😀 It’s December already:)

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  1. i think sherry and sweetytots will win in top 5 commentators aaahhah! i will join at least on the top 5 ahahah! sna manalo! anu kaya surprise na ito?

  2. thanks for inviting me. Here are the things that I have done so far:

    1. blogged about this contest
    2. favorited you on technoratti
    3. subscribe to your feed.
    4. added the button on my side bar.
    5. filled out the registration.

    Good luck to all participants of this contest.

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