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There’s only 4 days left before my 1st Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway closes. So far these are the contestants who could win this My Blog Rocks shirt among other prizes at stake. Two bloggers will win this shirt!
  1. James
  2. Roger
  3. Bhing
  4. Aerin
  5. DiTesco
  6. Pia
  7. Marybeth
  8. Enchie
  9. Sweetytots
  10. Donald
  11. Maria
  12. Arlene
  13. Tere
  14. Dhadha
  15. Sherry
  16. Poshpost
  17. Aireen
  18. Awang
  19. Edelweiza
  20. Inhinyero Kuno
  21. Jehzlau
  22. Aimz
  23. Sena
  24. Eleanor
  25. Al
  26. KC
  27. Luna
  28. Gagay
  29. Purplesea
  30. Chris
  31. Tinay
  32. Ginny
  33. Bunny
  34. Tinay
  35. Abegail
  36. Joy
  37. Tere
  38. Iceah
  39. Melody
  40. Mark
  41. Mari
  42. Dhyarga
  43. Shebadoo
Those who didn’t post a comment to inform what they have done will only have the registration points, so if you haven’t told me yet what you have done you can do so here. Those who subscribe (I am overwhelmed with the number of subscribers I got! Thank you!) with intention to join this contest, you must register to qualify. Registration is important so I can tally your points and have your contact details in case you won (your info will remain private!).

For those who haven’t join! There is still 4 days left so come and join NOW! Details here.

I have two more extra shirts I am planning to have a giveaway for my birthday 🙂 Jeeeez I am aging but don’t look like it. A curse or a blessing? Anyway, standby everyone and keep coming back.

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