Month: December 2008


A Day at the Sony Expo 2008

I was psyched to be among the lucky 50 bloggers to receive a VIP pass privileged to witness a demonstration of Sony’s design and innovation prowess when it comes to advancements in personal electronics and robotics. December 6, 2008, 11AM, students and consumers were already lined up at the Sony Expo registration area of the […]


V is for Very Busy

This week up to the second week of January would be a very very busy week for me. Today schedule is full mostly related to my daughters activities. After her Christmas party, her first school Christmas party where she got her first exchange gift, she has her therapy in the morning and a socialization class […]

Home & Family

To The Home Owner

This is not about mortgage or real estate, this is about the annoying yet anticipated eight nights before Christmas when the kids around the neighborhood disturb our silence and delightful super time. That’s what I am here to Talk About Tuesday. Yes! It’s the time of the Christmas carolers! I think this is equivalent to […]


U for Universe

We are a tiny dot in this vast universe. To think that we are the only intelligent being living in this life is sheer arrogance. We are not sure how or why the Universe began.Soon afterwards there was a big bang which released radiation, particles and clouds of atoms. Gravity condensed the atoms into galaxies […]

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