Month: December 2008


How To Prioritize On Gift Giving

Yes, obviously I am dedicating this months posts with everything that involves Christmas. I will be your Christmas fairy (or angel if you like)! Hahahaha! Ready to help you out to still be alive and kicking to enjoy the Holidays. Today’s topic is about how to prioritize on gift giving. Who are the people you […]


I Got The VIP Pass!

Yay! I got the VIP Pass for the Sony Expo and the award ceremony for the My First Sony Experience! This post earned me the pass and the chance to win the Sony Cyber-Shot T700 and the Sony VIAO laptop! Woohooooo! Nuffnangers see you there! VIP or not (since it’s open for all Nuffnangers)! I […]


Choosing Quality Tactical Pants

If your loved on is in the military, police or government service or just someone who like to have adventurous trips like rock climbing, snowboarding or survival game they should always wear tactical gear to protect themselves. Quality is the utmost importance when buying tactical gears not just something that wear and tears. There are […]

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