Revisiting my 2008 Resolutions

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Revisiting my 2008 Resolutions

Last year I made these 9 New Years Resolution for 2008 a way to remind myself about things I want to change about me.

I think I was successful on half of them.

1) I was able to hold my tongue and let other people worry about what I am thinking and what I am doing. Less talk, less mistake.
2) Not get too emotional – unsuccessful!
3) I was able to stop being judgmental and remind myself that there is always a reason for a persons behavior.
4) I was able to expect less and lessened my disappointment because I can never expect other people to do something favorable for me without them expecting something else back.
5) Procrastinate less – failed!
6) Care less about meaningless stuffs and people yeah why do I have to care!
7) Control my temper – I am a woman entitled to flare-up!
8) Be more humble – was a humbler? hahahahaha I don’t know some think I’m conceited some think I am very shy so well whatever, I am what I am.
9) Quit negativity – sometimes I can’t help but raise my brows when someone says things just to a peace me or themselves.

Will I make new ones? Yes!

My New Years Resolution for 2009 is:

Let go! Don’t count what you lost. Cherish what you have and plan to gain. Because the past never returns but the future may fulfill the loss.

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