The Christmas Stockings Tradition

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The Christmas Stockings Tradition

Christmas as a child is something different and much fun than as an adult. Probably because as a child I don’t have to worry about putting up decorations, planning my Christmas dinner menu, buying gifts, planning on how to make Christmas fun and memorable for the little ones. All I have to do is behave and be a good girl whole year or at least a month before Christmas so that Santa Claus will fill my stocking with lots of goodies and leave me a wonderful gift.
Yeah I used to believe in Santa Claus until I turned eight (8). I accidentally saw my mom stuffing my stockings with little goodies one night that is when I discovered and realized that Santa Claus was actually my mom who stuffed my stockings (my Christmas stockings was actually a pair of long socks I use to go to school) . Although I pretended I did not to see her because the goodies she left in my stocking every night is good enough for me to believe that Santa Claus exist.

My mom used to do this tradition every 16th of December. She would tell us to hang our stockings by the window so that when Santa Claus pass by his sleigh he would leave us something special. If we are good they will be filled with goodies but if we are bad it will be an empty stockings.

My sister and I used to hang our socks by the window, since we don’t have chimneys here in the Philippines. We used to have this huge slide window on our second floor made of capiz and we would hang our socks beside it and put our names above it.

It was fun to wake up in the morning as we would be excited to see what Santa Claus left for us. It was a delight see it stuffed with candies, little toys and some coins! There were mights when my stockings would be empty and my mom would explain why because I was a bit naughty that day. So the next day I will try to behave so I would get lots of treats.

We tried to do the same tradition with my niece and nephew but I think kids pick up fast these days and the stocking trick was not that effective with them. I would like to do the same to my daughter, but since she is different, I will have to find some other ways to make her feel the difference of this time of the year.

How about you, what Christmas tradition you grew-up as a child that you want to pass on your kids?

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