President Obama Meets Spider Man?

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities”

I think this is what Spider Man and Barrack Obama shares and maybe the reason why Marvel comics dedicated a whole issue for Obama’s inauguration. Yes, Marvel comics featured the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama in the latest issue of Marvel comics and this issue is definitely a collectors item. This issue launched January 14, 2008 highlights the most unforgettable President of the United States of America. He being the first black president of one of the most powerful nations in the world has immortalize him already but making him a “pop icon” is something else.
According to Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics they featured Obama because they are a huge fan and also heard that Obama is a huge Spidey fan. He said this is a great opportunity to have Spidey and Obama meet. Which I think is a great idea because we know some are not happy with Obama as the president because of their racist issues and I have predicted long ago that they might blame him if things comes to worst for the economy of U.S. But they should remember that before he took office the economy is already in recession since 2004.
The Marvel Variant Edition 583 is written by Zeb Wells with art by Todd Nauck and Frank D’Armata. It was prized at $3.99 but rumors had it that it will be sold at E-bay for $50!
CNN reports Spidey meets Obama
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  1. I saw the don’t vote campaign and the ad is not meant to ofnefd, its saying if everything is ok then why is the noose and mentioning lynching like Bill O’Riley did to Michelle Obama, still relevant and gas prices the way it is to the point we will make our own soldiers, U.S. citizens die in a war over oil. The president is the commander in chief and makes many important decisions like Chanel said. Its a reason why when Clinton was in office we were better than when Bush was in office, hint the president and vice president.

  2. Thanks Marites ako rin I want a copy! Waiting for reply from my contact naku baka naubos na waaaaaaaah.

    Naku bloggista hurry buy na baka maubos! hahahaha mantaranta ba!

  3. Wow, I hope I can get a copy of this issue. I love Supes and Spidy, I used to have a huge comics collection of both.

  4. hmm…parang gusto kong bumili nito ah. btw, i’ve already added you in my blogroll:)

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