Helping Children Be Successful In Math and Life

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Helping Children Be Successful In Math and Life

I admit I am one of those who hates math. I am not really good in numbers, except for the financial things, I think I fare well in that area, budgeting and simple book keeping — debit,credit and kupit (kickback in English or savings to be more proper hah!). All moms have this basic skills I think and this is not something we have to learn the hard way like algebra! Ugh I hate that math subject, what does computing my income and savings and expenses got to do with the x, y’s and z’s multiplied?
Anyways, I’m not here to rant about how I hate algebra and how I love money math. I just want to introduce to everyone this wonderful online learning product that someone told me to test and review, the Dreambox Learning.
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I let my daughter try it on her own and I have to say I was impressed with it. It got my daughter’s attention for more than 15 minutes of play and learning which is really awesome because she was interacting!

Mouse maneuvering is the basic skill needed for this game and my daughter is actually good with it since surprisingly she can find her way to My Computer to My Music to her Dance folder and find the Pussy Cat Dolls album in there so she can actually do the first three games to test a child’s skill. Dreambox Learning I think is great because it has individually tailored instruction for a kids level.

I know my loyal readers already know my child has autism and for someone with this disability finding their interest is the best way to teach them. I’ve met some adults with asperger (a different level of autism) in the conference I attended two days ago and their parents said their minds got opened via computer math games.

The instant I was asked to try this game out made me excited because I felt this could be the game my daughter need to open her up.

I like how focused to a math concept the game is. Although my daughter just played for a couple of minutes, it already analyzed that my daughter needs to understand the concept of more and less. So for the rest of the time my daughter played it sticked to teaching her about more and less.

So even if a child is good at guessing games and clicks on the right choice on some instance, the Dreambox Learning can calculate your child’s competency and will not let a child leave a lesson without fully understanding the concept.

This is what a child with autism needs, repetitive teaching so that they understand the concept. I would definitely recommend this to all my mom friends with or without a kid with autism.

I definitely agree to include this tool in a child’s schedule. A 15 minute “game” twice or more times a week will enrich a child’s mathematics discovery, widening their understanding of math facts and teaches them alternative problem-solving strategies at their own pace.

All aspects of the “game/lessons” are adapted for each child so they remain engaged and motivated. Building a positive feeling and confidence a child need to succeed in school and life.

Dreambox’s Learning approach makes math learning fun therefore a useful tool for parents to help their child thrive in a mathematics-rich word.

Here is what DreamBox Learning has to say about my daughter’s first time playing/learning with it for 29 minutes with a couple minute break on the first round.

What’s Anastacia Learning Now?

Anastacia is comparing amounts up to 10, starting with larger differences that are easy to recognize like 3 to 5, and then progressing to differences of only 1 or 2. Get details
Hours on DreamBox

Since Anastacia started DreamBox on February 03, 2009, she has played for 29 minutes. Anastacia’s last session on DreamBox was on February 03, 2009, when she played for 16 minutes.

Anastacia is off to a great start in DreamBox Learning! She has played for the first time and she played the Mouse Midway games, the DreamBox Learning “tutorial” that helps develop mouse skills. Be sure to ask her to show you the Mouse Midway games she has played, so you can celebrate her accomplishments!

One of the first lessons in the Adventure Park section of DreamBox is actually a behind-the-scenes placement lesson. DreamBox placements look just like regular lesson games, but actually present a range of problems to determine the right place in the curriculum for Anastacia to begin, what to focus on, and what to skip, based on what she knows. As soon as she plays this placement lesson, we’ll tell you which lessons she has skipped because she already knows the material, and which lessons she’s getting started on in the DreamBox curriculum.

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  1. I do not know why or how. During primary and secondary levels, I love math. Now, I am in college, I am not that enthusiast about it anymore.

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