I Was Not Allowed To Google Search

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I Was Not Allowed To Google Search

Some if not most offices and school network administration have a secure server in place to block browsing for personal use and that can be a hassle. In order for you to freely browse any website from the school or office internet you need a proxy server.

Although I am using my personal internet at home I encountered this odd problem last night, I could not do any Google search and it keeps telling me that my query seem to look similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spy ware application. I was like dumbfounded. My PC was not infected with any virus, I have a good anti-virus software in place. What the heck was happening?

I asked some Plurk buddies and Pakjwan told me that this happened to him before but was resolved after 45 minutes. He said it was a human error of Google that they even felt the need to issue a press release as an apology for it. For now all I can do is wait for a couple minutes or hours to get it resolved on its own and in the meantime I could use a proxy. But then since I wasn’t allowed to Google search I can’t get a proxy!

Anyway, what I did was reboot and clear all my cookies and cache and ran my anti-virus software just to make sure. I went to sleep while my anti-virus software was running and woke up having the issue resolved. Phew!

That scared me though because I was told I was abusing Google search? That was weird, honest! I never knew Google search has maximum usage? They were made for that unlimited internet search for keywords and stuff, right?

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5 thoughts on “I Was Not Allowed To Google Search

  1. @ Pehpot nyahahahaha di naman siguro kasi yung mga ka plurk ko na di naman nagPPP nagkaganun din and etong si K-fields taga Alaska yan at di nag PPP pero nagkaganun din. Malamang kasi dahil sa sa Yahoo nagpabili ang Google at di sa Microsoft kaya ganyan eh ang daming glitch ng system sa Yahoo kaya baka nainfiltrate na system nila ng virus. Sayang.

  2. last night din I cannot access blogspot and hubby tried pinging it and then he tried it on google.. mukha google is having some glitch.. pero weird di ba? baka naman niba ban na tayo because of our PPP.. hehe

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  3. @ K Fields, yeah that is really strange I hope they fix this bug or we might have to get used with Ask?

  4. Same thing has happened to me. I am waiting to hear from someone on why this is happening. I have always been able to search for different things for as long as I wanted, now after a couple of searches that comes up.. Strange!

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