Month: February 2009


Get Red

I’m sure those who are here in the Philippines are familiar with this new mobile company, Red Mobile. Of course there are two reactions with regards to new communications company, want to try and will not try. But if you are given free chance to try I’m sure you will all grab the opportunity. So […]

Current Affairs

Tonight Is The First Lunar Eclipse of The Year

CURRENT MOON var ccm_cfg = { pth:””, fn:”ccm_h1.swf”, lg:”en”, hs:1, tf:”12hr”, scs:1, df:”std”, dfd:0, tc:”FFCC99″, bgc:”000033″, mc:”FFFF99″, fw:172, fh:73.7, js:0, msp:0, u:”cc” } about the moon The first lunar eclipse of 2009 takes place today, February 9, 2009. A lunar eclipse always occurs during a full Moon, when the Earth comes between the Sun and […]

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