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Words from I don’t need a man by PSD:

“The more you try, the less I buy it!”
“I don’t need a man to make it happen
I get off being free
I don’t need a man to make me feel good
I get off doing my thing
I don’t need a ring around my finger
To make me feel complete
So let me break it down
I can get off when you ain’t around
You know I got my own life
And I bought everything that’s in it
So if you want to be with me
It ain’t all about the bling you bringing
I want a love that’s for real
And without that, no deal
And baby I don’t need a hand
If it only wants to grab one thing
Let it go
‘Cause I know I’m fine
I feel brand new
‘Cause I know I’m fine
Without you!
I don’t need a man (I’m over you)
I don’t need a man (I’m over you)
I don’t need a man
(I’m without you)
(I’m over you)

Words from Irreplaceable by Beyonce:

“Standing in the front yard telling me
How I’m such a fool, talking about
How I’ll never ever find a man like you
You got me twisted”
“You must not know ’bout me
I could have another you in a minute
Matter fact he’ll be here in a minute, baby”
“You must not know ’bout me
I can have another you by tomorrow
So don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable”
“So go ahead and get gone
And call up that chick and see if she’s home
Oops, I bet ya thought that I didn’t know
What did you think I was putting you out for?
Because you was untrue”

“So since I’m not your everything
How about I’ll be nothing, nothing at all to you
Baby I won’t shed a tear for you, I won’t lose a wink of sleep
‘Cause the truth of the matter is replacing you is so easy

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