Be Warned: Do Not Attend Francis Magalona Scam Tribute Benefit Concerts Organized Worldwide!

Plurk was alerted today of this scam (thanks to Azrael) Tribute to Francis Magalona benefit concerts. One was said to be held in Club Manila, Dubai, U.A.E; and one in Ontario Canada.
If you purchased tickets please get your money back. Those events were unauthorized Pia Arroyo-Magalona wife of the late Francis Magalona warned this people already. Shame on them capitalizing on the remise of a great artist. Where is your R.E.S.P.E.C.T. people?

Here is Pia’s reply to those scammers:

On the Tribute To Francis M event (link here but her comment was deleted by the organizer, event broadcast on Facebook was deleted but we are not sure if the real event was cancelled and the people who bought the tickets got refund. Shame on you!)

“This is Pia, the late FrancisM’s wife.
My attention was called to this site by my daughters and I am quite disappointed that you are holding an event using his name and persona to make money off without my express permission.

Did you even course this through the Philippine NATIONAL Red Cross? If so, why is their name on your invitation wrong? It just says Philippine Red Cross. It’s very haphazard. I am terribly, terribly hurt by this. I hope you could respect me and my dearly beloved’s memory by not exploiting his death.

What you are doing goes against the values Francis wrote about in his songs. This is exactly what he spoke of when he wrote those lyrics speaking of graft, corruption and greed.

Do the right thing.
God bless,
Pia Magalona

Still from Pia on a thread:

My point is, you can’t just hold shows and say that proceeds will go to charity without having first coordinated with the beneficiary. Else, everyone would be doing so and profiting from it. As I was saying, Subaru held an event with the proceeds supposedly going to me for FM’s hospital bills. They even spoke with me and I was with them in the planning stage but I was hesitant to proceed on such short notice. This was around Christmas ’08. The event was held in the Greenhills parking lot and the preparations were haphazard. Needless to say, I never saw any of the money and up to now the organizer is still stalling when we ask him to please turn over the donation to us already.

From Maxene Magalona (daughter)

“Although we understand that papa influenced millions of people with his work, we don’t approve of these gimmicks that pretend to pay tribute to his legacy when it is OBVIOUS that they are merely using him to make money. FRANCIS M.’S FOUNDATION? There’s no such thing! Mama never approved of anything like that! If they were honest and true about paying tribute to papa and wanting to earn money for some foundation, they would have done the appropriate thing and respectfully asked my mom for permission. This is like using my dad as a performer in a concert except they don’t pay him for it.

Plus, they’re selling shirts just like those from my dad’s clothing line.. GAYA GAYA! How do these people sleep at night?! PLEASE RESPECT MY DAD AND LET HIM REST IN PEACE. Nakakabastos kayo!

P.S. If any of you discover more events or merchandise similar to this, please bring it to our attention immediately. THANK YOU.” – Maxene


  1. Oo sobrang kapal ng mukha I hope they burn in hell!

  2. Oo sobrang kapal ng mukha I hope they burn in hell!

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