Last Wednesday, my daughter and I went for her neurodevelopmental assessment re-evaluation to check on her progress and I was happy to hear a confirmation straight from her doctor that she is improving wonderfully. I personally see these wonderful improvements with her but hearing the feedback from an expert isContinue Reading

Do you believe that fashionable people are born with it or they evolve through countless hit and miss fashion statements and experimentation? I think its the later. I believe nobody was really born with it but we adapt as we grow. Even fashion icons will show you their picture inContinue Reading

Katie Holmes started this trend when she strutted in Tom Cruises PRP jeans in last quarter of 2008 that gave birth to this new fashion trend the boyfriend jeans look.  The boyfriend jeans look suggest a laid back no fuss style, how men usually wear their jeans but with aContinue Reading

Obviously I am a bit obsessed about anything related to houses and homes, from building, renovating, interior decorating, furnishings, property management, selling and buying and more. The affinity started when I found a property with a great location, then eventually applying for a housing loan and now getting approved! IContinue Reading

Although the family has some great ideas on how to go about the old house, I think it’s best for us to get an expert advise. Since restructuring will take a lot of time and resources maybe it’s best we seek a property management consultant first like that of MaximContinue Reading