Beat It!

Are you so desperate or got nothing to do with your life.  Hey, will you please stop pestering me.  No I don’t want any contact with you and I don’t want you to keep in touch with my best friends either.  Are you an idiot or just a plain jerk.

Your scheming about using your cousin to contact me and even do a Google search just to find me through my blog and social network is getting on my nerves too.  Goodness you are not that desperate are you?  I don’t want to name you but I know you read this because you are frequently visiting my blog lately.

Beat it! Scram! Shoooo!  I don’t want you! Who do you think you are.  Hello get over me it’s been 11 years! No reply means not interested, don’t you get that?

I am happy with my hunny so don’t ever think I want or need you in my life.  Hello! What made you think that?  Get on with your life as you have for 11 years, sheeez!

(To all my regular readers and visitors sorry for the personal rant this jerk won’t stop so I have to do this post.)

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  1. Oh, please don’t stop. That’s an interesting story. I’m dying to hear this. “,)

    Please give us one Abunda Moment. Iyong haharap ka sa salamin and you’ll ask yourself questions (kasi wala si Boy), and of course you’ll answer them too. With the elegance and thoughtfulness of a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode.

    Ito naman. Go, go, go. I’ll bookmark it – o yan, may incentive ka na.

    Suggested title: “Lost in Space.” “Love Diaries of a Clueless Man” “How to be a complete jerk in 11 years.”

    Hahaha. Nice post, matalim, nakakakiliti, nakakaintriga. All the elements of good drama or comedy. Yey.

    jan_geronimo’s latest blog post..My Grandson, Me and the Politics of Blogging

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