My Laser Hair Removal Experience At Dermplus

Last summer, I was enticed to try this Laser Hair Removal at Dermplus. They had a promo that time and the offer was five sessions plus one for P17,000 plus. They were nice to me and they allowed me to pay in staggered amounts as long as I avail of their promo.

They let me read through some reminders about the treatment that I was gonna have and made me fill-in some questionnaires about my health condition because apparently having a laser treatment is not recommended for those with heart ailments and high blood pressure.

I had so many questions about the treatment if it will sting or will it make my underarm darker and other side effects. My derma for that session was kind enough to answer all my queries and so I gave it a go.

How the treatment went:

First she cleaned my underarm with some cleaning liquid and cottons and let them dry before she used the laser machine on me. It stings a little but not that much, it was just like an ant bite so it is tolerable. You will also be able to smell some odor coming from your underarm but it’s very faint and the smell of burning hair. Since that is what laser is all about burning.

You will be recommended not to wet your underarm 12 hours after your treatment and you will be given some gel to prevent swelling and stuff, it was some kind of steroid, according to my derma but not a harmful kind.

You don’t need to shave or pluck and you will be hairless for at least a month.

The natural hair growth of bodily hair especially the underarms is 21 days. So you will be recommended to come every after 21 days to get the best results. If you stop your treatment your hair will still come back and that is a waste of money.

Ihad 6 sessions in all and honestly I noticed a big difference the hair on my underarm is not as thick as they were before and if I was not saving for my daughter’s speech therapy and have other expenses to think off I would have gone through 10 sessions.

Since my the rest of the women in my family (mom and sis) does not have underarm hair except me (yeah I know too much revelations!) I think I will loose mine too since they almost did not grow back after my last session. It took 2 months after it grew back and the hair is much thinner.

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  1. Thanks! By the way, my friend might invite you when the new clinic opens for underarm booster shots. Will let you know.

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