Month: July 2009

Current Affairs

President Cory Aquino Is Dead: Public Viewing and Details of Wake

If the news I got from my reporter friends were true, former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino passed away today, August 1, 2009 at. The family of the former Philippines President known for the People Power Revolution or EDSA 1 will make a statement soon. I got the news around 5am and reporters are doing a […]

Health & Wellness

Beware Of Eye Twitching

Have you experienced your eyelid twitch involuntarily at an unexpected time more often than not blur your vision? If you are suffering from an eye twitch or eye spasm that may be harmful than your health than you thought it is. It may be nothing or it could be anything.  Lack of sleep is one of […]

Entertainment Home & Family

HD Experience

I haven’t got the HD TV I won from SM North EDSA yet because of some technicalities that were iron out just recently.  Anyway, I am so excited to get that new TV so that mom and I will no longer have to compete and argue what programs were going to watch or not since […]


Costume Shopping

My daughter just got invited to a birthday costume party again as always it’s not her to get excited but me!  I love dressing her up and after her Snow White costume last year looks so lovely on her I plan to get her an even more cuter one.  Honestly I don’t think there is […]

Events Home & Family

A Fabric Conditioner And Mosquito Repellant In One

I’m such an avid user of Downy products.  I’ve been using this product since they first came here in the Philippinesat present I use their latest innovation the eco-friendly fabric conditioner Downy Isang Banlaw, it helps heaps in saving gallons of water.   But it looks like I’m gonna be a fan of one of their […]

Skin Care

Get Ready For The New Wave In Facial Cleansing

Neutrogena, is making history today as it transforms women’s daily facial cleansing routine with the introduction of the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave. This newest offering from Neutrogena is a revolutionary power cleanser in a compact vibrating applicator form, clinically proven to be more superior than traditional cleansing. Its tingly, cool foam penetrates deep into the […]

Home & Family

I’ve Turned Into A Hermit?

That was a funny remark by my sister while we were talking earlier.  The comment was made after talking about how I felt about the old neighborhood’s new look.  The neighbor took down the biggest caimito tree I’ve ever seen which was standing in front of their house covering the entire view of our house […]


Wear Your Statement

The latest trend in fashion today is individuality. It doesn’t matter if you wear a designer label shoes, dress, or shirt or not. What matters is that you can carry an ensemble well to get your message through and create your unique identity or signature. This way of dressing-up is fun and exciting especially if […]

Home & Family

Parental Advisory

More often than not parents who are away from their kids most of the times try to make-up for the lost times by giving their kids material things.  Little did they know that although the kid appreciate the stuff given its hardly ever gonna fill the moments that could have been shared together.  They bought […]

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