A Different Kind Of Flip Flops

The thing I observed when I was in Hongkong was that Filipina women are easily distinguised by the kind of footwear they have on.  See the Chinese women, or even the Korean women in Hongkong usually wear those funky footwear.  They either have boots on, with heels or without, in different colors and style. Or they have super high heeled shoes, flats with funky designs and rubber shoes or sneakers.

Filipina women on other hand wear simple sandals, open toed shoes, or flats and heels in conservative colors and designs and even flip flops.  I guess most of us love wearing this stuff because they are so comfortable to wear.  With the kind of weather we have here in the Philippines we would rather have comfortable feet than restrict them.

I’m such a huge fan of womens flip flops.  I love wearing them they are so comfortable and light.  I’m the type who likes to have my toes out in the open and I rarely wear closed shoes because I hate restricting my feet.   But aside from that more often than not the closed shoes I want is not available for my size so I end up buying flip flops or open-toed shoes.

I found this different kind of women’s flip flops .  They are usually sold at $59.99 each but is now on sale for $49.99 each.  This is the latest flip flop design by Topsies.  They are trying to offer an alternative to the standard design and combined style and function. It’s made of breathable fabric that hugs the skin for a custom fit and made of supportive leather cushions.

The design is so unique it looked like you have a socks on with them.   They come in different colors, red, purple, black, teal, green, fuchsia, and rose pink.  It’s also kinda gladiator like but different, I have yet to see one up close.

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