Coupons For Smart Recessionista Shopping

Using discount coupons for shopping has not entered the main scene in the Philippines yet.  I think some of the reasons I gathered why people here don’t like to use coupons for shopping is: 1) They are embarrassed to use the coupon with the thinking that the store will refuse; 2) They are embarrassed to use the coupon because some friends might see them using some coupons they got from magazine and fliers; 3) They forgot their coupon.

In the states I see lots of mom bloggers who have coupon organizer and they are a practical way of organizing their coupons according to expiration date which is a neat idea.

Discount coupons are a great way for everyone to save some money.  With the economic crisis still affecting the whole world today it’s good to be a smart shopper and practice smart recessionista shopping as much as you can.

I am not an avid Coupons user yet but I have used them in more ways than one:
1) I use it for my online shopping especially for the web host shopping I did recently. It saved me more than $5.
2) I use discount coupons from fast food like the one their crew in McDonald’s and Jollibee give away. I save more than P20 per meal.
3) I used it for the purchase of one of my VNC shoes and I saved P200.
4) I used one of those discount coupon fliers I found in a magazine and got a 15% off on a hair treatment!
5) I used one of those SM Advantage coupon for Storyland I had and we were able to get a ride all you can tag and saved me P400.

It’s not so bad using these coupons, like the old adage said: “A penny saved is a penny earned!”.

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