Month: August 2009

Fashion Shopping

Inexpensive Fashionable Eyeglasses

How You Can Start Spending Smart when there is a misconception that fashionable is always expensive especially when it comes to prescription eyeglasses.  It’s either you get a good frame that is not fashionable or get a bad frame but the lense are good.  The opposite comes from Zenni Optical, they have $ 8 Rx […]

Blogging, Gadgets, Technology

Email Hosting

If you have a small or medium sized business and you rely on online data exchange like sending emails to clients and employees, sharing folders, calendars and contacts, then it’s high time that you consider getting an Email Hosting provider that can help your business run smooth. Hosted Exchange is one of the reliable companies […]

Blogging, Gadgets, Technology

Best Web Hosting Sites

Some people ask what’s the advantage of having your own web hosting when there are free web hosting available on the internet that can be used as your blogging platform.  The answer is simple, if you want more control of your blog; monitor your sites performance with regards to detailed information about your traffic and […]



Finally parents who have children with special children can now look for their options as  Etera Events initiates  Special Education Expo (SPED EXPO 2009) on December 1, 2009 at the newly renovated Glorietta Activity Center. Simultaneous to the exhibition is a Special Education forum, storytelling, games and performances by celebrities. With the Theme: ”Special Education […]

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