My Eyelash Perming Treatment At Bioessence Spa

Most who follow my blog know how adventurous I can be when it comes to my eye lashes in the past.  I‘ve done an eyelash extension and even tried fake eyelashes just to enhance the look of my eyes. A couple days ago I went to Bioessence Spa to try out their eyelash perming treatment for a semi-permanent curled lashes.  The treatment is P500 and the entire procedure is about almost an hour and is totally painless!

The procedure:

They will clean your entire face especially your eye area and have your lashes dry.  A small piece of adhesive cotton is placed along the lower lash line and then aperming rod is glued to your eyelid, and your lashes are combed and curled over the rod. Once they are in place, a diluted perm solution is placed on them.  The staff will inform you that the wait time will be 45 minutes so that the solution can do it’s job.  The staff will even tell you that you can take a nap while waiting.  After 45 minutes, the perming rod is removed and the lashes are washed to remove the solution and glue.

The result:  A beautifully curled eyelashes!
eyelash perming

I don’t mean to discredit eyelash extension but compared to that treatment an eyelash perming treatment is the best that I ever tried so far. It’s absolutely maintainance free unlike the eyelas extension treatment where you have to refrain from rubbing your eyes if you don’t want any falling lashes or mess the form of your extension  eyelashes.

I don’t have to worry about the burning sensation everytime I take a bath because there is absolutely no chemicals left on my lashes after the treatment compared to the eyelash extension where I always feel the burning sensation on my eyes everytime it gets wet when I take a bath.

What’s great is the perm last for 3 months while the eyelash extension will last for a month and you have to have it retouched to keep its look.

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  1. I love eyelash perming too more than eyelash extension (not that I’ve tried the extension treatment!) I agree that it lasts 3 months with proper care. I have my 1st eyelash perming 2yrs ago and since then, I’m hooked (bec i never really liked curling my lashes using the traditional eyecurler. hihi)

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