Getting Excited About The Boracay Trip

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Getting Excited About The Boracay Trip

Two months from now my family and I will be spending the New Year in Boracay and I can’t contain my excitement. In fact I bought some swimsuit for me and my daughter to wear on that trip. I even had my daughter do some dress rehearsal for me with her swimsuit, she looks so adorable.

We will be staying at an oceanfront resort in Boracay popularly known as the Station 1 so it’s great. It’s like the accommodations they have at the Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach. As soon as you step out of the hotel you are at the beach front already.

I bet my daughter will really enjoy this trip. I am excited about taking nice pictures of her with the sand and the sea and do some nice poses like I was at Myrtle Beach Resort.

Well honestly I believe the Philippine beaches are the best in the world. If you know a Resort in Myrtle Beach most of our beaches here looked like that all year round.

We only have two types of weather here rain and sun. Our temperature at the beach never goes down below zero the coldest would be 16 degrees which I bet is tolerable for people in the Western country experiencing snow.

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