I admit, I don’t have an exercise regimen and I don’t follow any diet.  I sit in front of the computer or television most of the time.  Because of that I have fat buildups on my waist, back, and arms and it’s disgusting!

I wanted to enroll on a gym class or  a dance class because I am in dire need to be fit.  Although some might protest that I am not fat (because I have a tiny frame) I am, I just know what to wear to hide them, or have to be conscious of squeezing my tummy muscles (stomach in chest out thing) so they won’t show. But most of the times I forgot and my bulging belly is so obvious in pictures.

And this photo is just an example of my bulges! Look at the build-up an my mid-section awful!
Coach Saret ask are you still ok?

Anyway, last Friday, I was one of the 55 bloggers invited by Del Monte Fit ‘N Right to be among the first to know and experience the F.I.T. workout or the Fast Interval Training .  A four minute workout concocted by Coach Jim Saret, a core training expert and a sports and fitness writer and lecturer, that is intended to burn at least 400 calories or more without having to use heavy exercise equipment.

What’s great about the FIT workout is that you will continue to burn calories even when you’re done with the workout and with the help of Del Monte Fit ‘N Right fruit snacks and drinks you will surely get fit in no time as this product speeds up your metabolism because of  its  L-Carnitine components.


L-Carnitine transports the fatty acids into the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse where they are burned into energy needed for a healthy heart and other important body functions. If L-Carnitine levels are increased, the body’s ability to oxidize fat is optimized. With supplementary L-Carnitine, proper diet and regular exercise, one can achieve ideal body weight and ensure a healthy life.

Del Monte Fit ‘N Right also contains Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 that helps speed up metabolism, resulting in faster weight loss. Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are energy boosters and increases endurance by facilitating the conversion of carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy that is needed by the body in performing physical functions. It also contains natural fruit juice that provides the body with 100 percent of its RDA.


This workout is perfect for those who don’t have the luxury of time and money to go to the gym!

Although the FIT method was designed by physiologists and trainers specifically for individual athletes, it is also ideal for non-athletes—or those who simply want to lose weight effectively.

Making Fit ‘N Right an integral part of one’s diet is a surefire way to lose weight and keep fit. A clinical study led by Dr. Leonora Panlasigui of the University of the Philippines found that a person loses as much as 16.7 percent of body fat in just six weeks with regular consumption of Fit ‘n Right, diet and exercise.

I’m sure most of you would love to be fit and wonder how to do the FIT workout. There are five exercises composing the FIT workout:

  1. Body weight lifting
  2. Squats
  3. Lunges
  4. Push-up
  5. Sit-ups/ crunches (front and sides)

For beginners it’s recommended you do each exercise for 10 counts and as you progress you can do more.  You can do 3 sets of each until you reach 4 minute time frame.

Here is how you do the FIT workout in photos, as photos are from the Dare to Be Fit ‘N Right bloggers launch last Friday: (Photo credits: Jennie Aspacio and Gregg Morales)

Body Weight Lifting

Body weight lifting
Lifting my own weight is hard!




For beginners 10 counts of lunges


10 Push-ups

I don’t have a photo doing the crunches/sit-ups because we didn’t do it.  We only did the 2 minute FIT workout sample here so the crunches was not included.

I have to catch my breathe after the sample workout and drink Fit ‘N Right immediately to rehydrate.   I can attest to the effectiveness of the workout because my heart rate speed-up like I did a full workout.  The next morning I feel my body ache because all my dormant muscles were stretched and used.

I think the best part about the FIT regimen is it doesn’t require too much space , equipment, time, it isn’t costly and the diet is pleasant.  Now, I Dare To Be  Fit ‘N Right.

Hydrating with Fit 'N Right

I am now on my 3rd day doing the FIT workout and having Del Monte Fit ‘N Right fruit snacks and drinks and I can feel ‘m on my way to getting fit as my muscles are starting to tone down.

Ready to take the 2 minute workout

I commend Del Monte Fit ‘N Right for starting a campaign about being fit by combining the proper exercise regimen and diet .

If you are into running maybe you would like to join the Dare To Be Fit ‘N Right Fun Run on November 22, 2009 at SM Mall of Asia at 6AM.  You can register online for the Dare to Be Fit ‘N Right Fun Run here.

If you have more questions about the workout, feel free to post your queries here and I will be happy to answer. I also dare all of you to be Fit ‘N Right by doing the FIT workout with me, starting today!

You can check Greg’s event coverage photos or Jennie’s event coverage photos or become a Fan of Del Monte Fit ‘Right on Facebook for more FIT tips.

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  1. oooohhh lala!!! go go go Cuz!!!!! u need to be more fit n’ right!

  2. That’s an awesome “quick” workout. Have not been doing much exercise myself lately. Maybe its time for me tp get FIT again:) Thumbs up

  3. Hey girl, it’s been awhile. Just wanted to say that I miss ya and I hope all is going well your way !!!

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