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Most of you I guess received an email with an PDF file (Portable Document Format) attached to it.  If you don’t have the software that will allow your computer to read that file it’s such a big hassle.

Most of the free pdf software we use don’t have the pdf writer options.  All we are allowed is to view.  I found this software that will allow you to not just view the file but create one in 5 minutes or less.

With PDF Reader/Writer you can create your own pdf files using word documents, excel spreadsheets, powerpoint slideshow presentations, Internet explorer or any other applications that can print files.  What I’m excited about this product is the capability to convert pdf to word which I think is very useful.

The software is sold for $24.95 and the download can be used for 3 computers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It is playing well in converting pdf to word totally free. However, since I always need to convert lots of pdf files and most of them are encrypted, I prefer AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter as it supports converting encrypted files and batch conversion, which are help me a lot. Hope you like it too.

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