Ang Panday Movie Review

We watched Ang Panday movie, a movie that was co-produced by GMA Films and Imus Productions, my daughter fell asleep while we were watching it because I think she find it boring.  I would agree with her because honestly,  I find it boring too.  However,  I will give Ang Panday an an A for effort.  They really did what they could with regards to the CGIs and the production.  The movie was indeed well funded, for a Filipino movie  standard.

Ang Panday is a remake of the original Ang Panday movie of the late Fernando Poe Jr.  staring Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., Iza Calzado, Philip Salvador, Rhian Ramos, Gabby Eingenman and Buboy Villar.

I’ve seen the old Panday movies of FPJ and they are very impressive to think that that the movie was made decades ago and the technological advancement we have these days were not available then.

This version of Bong Revilla was disappointing.  Editing was bad. Like there were parts of the story that were hanging . The movie rolls in less than 2 hours but I feel it was a drag .

However, I commend Sen. Revilla and GMA Films for the hype they created with this movie.

With the way the movie ended I forsee a part 2.   I suggest they elaborate more on the storyof the archer Gabby Eingenman , more background story of Maria (Iza Calzado) what can she do or who she really is and why Lizardo was so eager to marry him, and a some background story on Rhian Ramos’ role or maybe they could resurrect her on the next film.

I hate the inconsistency of the character and make-up of  Philip Salvador/ Lizardo in the movie.  He was evil and conniving in his lair but outside he was playful, looks like he was trying too hard to mimic Joker in the Dark Knight.  Rhian and Iza did well in the movie.  Some of the shots in the film were copy pasted from the movie Lord of the Rings, which is a big turn-off!

Ang Panday is an entry to the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival and was aiming for the Best Film award and bag thee Box Office.  Kudos!  (updated the movie was able to get both, I heard the movie grossed Php80 million)

I haven’t seen the other entries to the MMFF but I  wish we watched Ang Darling Kong Aswang instead.  I think it will be more entertaining because of the the comic relief it can provide which Ang Panday was trying hard to achieve.


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    Directors are Mac Alejandre and Rico Gutierrez

  2. Who is the director of “Ang Panday”?

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