Happy 1st World Bloggers Day!

I’ve been blogging when it wasn’t called blogging before it was just an online journal and personal websites. I used to have one at Tripod / Geocities before, it wasn’t easy tweaking the site but learning how to do it was fun. I called that site Earthlinganda Style, I can’t find it now but my sister found hers just recently.

Then in the early 2000’s there was Friendster, Multiply, and Yahoo!360. I blogged in there too and made many many friends. I never thought I could make money blogging ever. I was just doing this for fun to share my thoughts and whatever under the sun to my online friends and even real friends so they can be updated with the things going on in my life.

In the late 2007 I started to browse around and found Blogspot and WordPress blogs and they have so many readers and commentators in their site, and they have a community too. I started to become curious and so I made my first public blog and not just for people I know online or real life friends.

The first international blogging community I joined was Blog Catalog. This place like any other place is packed with different personalities from different walks of life. I made a number of blogging friends in there and I had so much fun interacting with them online. I learned so many things from them with regards to blogging, making money online, and how to gain more traffic for my blog (more readers and commentators on my blog) as comments make me happy more than anything else. We became virtual friends.

Here is a video of my Blog Catalog friends made by Polyvore too bad I haven’t “talked” to them in awhile as most of us are busy with our own blogs and life and everything else. Here’s my Blog Catalog friends and you can see my avatar at 1:47 lolz:p

I created a group at Blog Catalog the Proud to be a Filipino Blogista (but the group is defunct because of BC changes)┬ábecause I thought there wasn’t enough Filipino bloggers in there and if there are we don’t really get to meet. The group is not as active but there are 260+++ members from around the globe.

Then I learned of the Philippine blogging community early 2008 where I got to meet so many new friends. Here are some of the Manila Bloggers. You can find me at 1:00 and 1:29 :p This video was made by Azrael for the 1st World Bloggers Day spearheaded by the Cebu Bloggers with an event happening there in Cebu today:

If you have questions about blogging don’t hesitate to ask me. I don’t bite but I bark lolz.

Happy Blogging everyone and Happy 1st World Bloggers Day!


  1. Wow…I never knew there was a World Bloggers’ day. Wee, same here…been on Geocities back in the 90s too.
    .-= Bea´s last blog ..Wedding: Aggie and Art =-.

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