Your Choice Of Bedsheet Reflects Your Personality

When you shop for bedsheets and pilow cases what colors do normally pick?

I like blue, pink, green, yellow because I want calming and girly colors in my bed since I sleep with my daughter and I want us to feel like princesses.

But according to Dream Home the colors in your bedroom reflects your pesonality and this is what’s color psychology is all about.  According to this color psychology they use in Dream Home pinks and yellows is about being sweet and passionate and I agree.


If you are doing your grocery shopping on a weekend at any SM Hypermart nationwide you might chance upon their mini symposium about this color psychology and bedroom linen care and tips.


Dream Home is an exclusive linen brand of Canadian Manufacturing for SM Hypermart.
Oh by the way, the meaning of the colors you pick can also be found on the packaging of the Dream Home linens.
Happy shopping!
Stay gorgeous everyone!

4 thoughts on “Your Choice Of Bedsheet Reflects Your Personality

  1. Most of our bed sheets are Dream Home. Mostly neutrals color kasi nagagalit ang mga boys kapag red, pink and yellow ang ginagamit ko. :))

  2. dapat kasi my calming effect yung color sa bedroom para madali kang makatulog.

  3. I have a couple of sheets from Dream Home. When I was single, I used to choose brown and white. But now with kids, I prefer light colors like pink, light green and yellow.

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