Archetypes Of Female Drunkenness

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Archetypes Of Female Drunkenness

I haven’t been drunk in ages, the last time I got almost drunk was last year, when my best friend Terry from the U.S. went home for her last vacation in Manila and we had a high school reunion at my place.

I was watching the replay of Glee Season 2 Episode 14 “Blame it on the Alcohol” with the theme revolving around the Alcohol Awareness Week and I find Finn’s description of the classic archetypes of Female Drunkenness interesting and a bit true:

  1. The weepy, hysterical drunk
  2. The angry girl drunk
  3. The-girl-who-turns-into-a-stripper-drunk
  4. The happy girl drunk
  5. The needy drunk.

Its funny how the scene panned-around the different characters of Glee as Finn interprets it.

I think I’ve been a happy girl drunk and weepy hysterical drunk at some point in my life! Hah! And I do know that drinking definitely affects our judgment.  I did so many foolish things while under the influence of alcohol foolish stuff I wish I didn’t do, ever! Although I don’t regret trying out Shari’s hand dipped cherries ! Yum!

The episode highlight was when Brittany and Santana threw-up while  The New Directions were performing for the Alcohol Awareness Week!  With Brittany ending the show saying “Drink Responsibly!”

I remember one of my cousins went through an almost crippling accident when he drove homnedrunk.  This happened years ago. His car was badly ruined, imagine an accordion!  He broke his arms and for that his parents decided not to give him a car ever after that!

My cuz said he barely can tell what color was flashing on the stop light as he was driving home ergo crashing on a huge truck!

It reminds me of this mixed-up stop sign at the Collectivel Bar I saw recently.  It was like a mind game to me like, the sign says green but the color that appeared is red instead of green.

Vinyl Anniv Party at The Collective

The I noticed a note below “Alcohol affects your judgment – a friendly reminder from Toyota!” which I think is cool.  At least bars accept this type of campaign even if it might affect their alcohol sales. Great job and thanks for the initiative by Toyota.

How about you, have you seen the sign?

Stay gorgeous everyone and yes, drink responsibly!

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