Soda Stream Giveaway Winner!

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Soda Stream Giveaway Winner!

After much deliberation and sleeping over the many well thought off answers about their plans for their Soda Stream this summer, I only have to choose one (1) winner to have fun with this amazing non-electronic , earth-friendly gadget.


The winner is:

Joan Macawili who will make her own version of a lemon stand and will be putting up her own Soda stand in front of her house and  make money with it!  What an awesome mom-entrepreneur!   See you later!

We were caught among the following answers:

  • Matt who will make his own  fizzy-drink called Taptastic and will experiment with as many powder drink he can find in his home with the Soda Stream
  • Christina who will try to impress her kids with her Soda making presentation for them.
  • Peachykins who will take the machine to bed with her (and dump the husband JK!)
  • Glenn Ong who will take it to his sideline events and have his own soda party to impress his friends.
  • and Merry Jane Ocol who will be spared and saved from giving her daughter money who sneaks out to buy soda.

Thanks everyone for joining the contest.  Until next giveaway! Keep liking  Soda Stream Philippines and in Facebook for more surprises!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Soda Stream Giveaway Winner!

  1. hi there samantha you can buy at any sm houseware 🙂 cheapest would be 3kplus

  2. hi, i’ll just ask how much yung pinakamura na sodastream machine? and where nakakabili dito sa manila? please answer. thank you very much! 🙂

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