Modernized Filipina Dresses @ Metrowear Filipina

Here’s a slide video of the show:

Major fashion designer groups joined the show and presenting their thematic interpretations of traditional Filipino dress. The Young Designers’ Guild presented Avant-Garde, while FDCP took on red carpet gowns and FDAP did the cocktail. International designers  Albert Andrada, Cary Santiago and Ezra showcased theatrical creations.  Cebu designers presented Filipiniana bridal gowns, while the independent designers showcased modern Filipiniana pieces. The show also had a menswear presentation featuring designs by Anthony Nocom, Gerry Katigbak, Aries Lagat, Joey Samson, Jerome Lorico, Jeffrey Rogador, Barge Ramos, among others. Metrowear also held a special segment showcasing the works of The Masters – designers who have brought Filipino fashion design to the forefront – presenting traditional ternos and Maria Claras. On this list are the likes of Mike dela Rosa, Loreto, Patis Tesoro, Danilo Franco, Efren Ocampo, Greg Centeno and Nolie Hans.

I think the Filipina dress has come a long way and most of the Filipiniana gowns showcased in this show should be used by our beauty pageant contestants who are representing our country because most of them are very gorgeous.

Have you seen the video?  Tell me which among the dresses did you like?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Photos by  Ramon Mangila

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  1. these are gorgeous! i love the gown worn by Daphne and the gown with the blue color … i also love the one worn by the model with blonde hair! these are so fab! we really have fantastic designers…..

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