Luxe Grunge Outfit Dilemma

My fashion blogger babies and friends are having a hard time deciding what to wear for that Mango Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection party we will all be attending soon.  The dress code was Luxe Grunge!

We’ve been exchanging tweets and DM’s asking each other what it was all about.  Well, for my babies I did a research and here’s the def of Luxe Grunge Outfit I found!

“A chicer updated grunge/boho style.  This modern update contains all the mainstays of yesterday’s grunge incorporating flannel, plaid, layers and leg warmers alongside today’s sophisticated pieces, including capes, shawls and jackets. Mix vintage clothes with grunge. Think Olsen twins with an unkempt approach to your wardrobe.”

Another description I got was an outfit that revels in the dark mood of rock and roll!

From the A/W 2011 Collection

There you go, some Luxe Grunge fashion inspiration! Now, what to wear!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. all of the them wearing tight leggings. Not for me I think I have “palo-palo” legs hehehe..Well I think its just any fashion clothes we have right now.

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