Americas Next Top Model All Stars Winner Fiasco

Well, well, the winner was announced but the viewers/fans/critics were not happy!

Even before the U.S. airing of the Americas Next Top Model All Stars announcement of winner the four finalist Angelea, Lisa, Laura and Alisson and judges already know who won.

But the excited winner could.not contain her happiness and Tweeted that she won therefore preempting the show. Because of that ANTM headed by Tyra Banks recalled her winning and disqualified her.

They taped another one and proclaiming Lisa as ANTM All Stars winner!

Personally I would rather be happy if they kept Angelea as the winnerbor picked Alisson or Laura. Well, I’m sure the three got a bright future ahead of them in the modelling world!

Kudos to ANTM, the people have spoken. Haha!

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  1. Muhammad

    I heard way too many predictions about who the wiennr is I wanna find out the truth! I really hope it’s not Angelea I will be so mad! I wish it was between: Alexandria, Laura, & Kayla they were my favorites:) but on the final 3 left 2 of them have alot of talent. Lisa: she is a star, she’s the best. Allison: she Is so unique & she is perfect 4 vogue!:)

  2. Issa

    awwww, I like Allison too!

  3. tama ka jan MS. E

  4. Jeniffer Gangan

    Ay, ganun pala nangyari…thanks for posting Ms. Earth…like ko din si Allison, weird pero parang barbie doll=)

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