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When I was still in school and computers/ android phones/ iPhone/ iPad were not that of a big part of our lives, I used to keep a handy datebook/ planner/ diary with me everyday and everywhere I go.  This is so I can keep tabs on my agenda for the day and to keep note of my expenses, income and savings.

When internet and cellphones and android phones came, this part of keeping a journal and datebook was set aside.  I rely on my google date and appointment notes on my mobile device.  The problem was when I go lo bat or there’s poor internet service, I lose track of my appointments which is not good.

Then there came this bulky “uso” planners like BDJ and Starbucks.  I used to have them but never get to maximize its use.  For one they are too heavy and bulky, its not cool to bring too big a “notebook” anywhere.  Small and light  is in.

When I was approached to review Filed planner/ datebook/ diary, I was excited as soon I got my hands on them.  Its think, light and inspires the artsy-fartsy part of me!
Filed 2012 datebook
It’s hardbound but the paper is lightweight and not so bulky!
Matte finished and hardbound. I love that it has this velcro leather strap wrap (Pen Bandolier) and the bookmark to keep your Filed 2012 planner together and a holder for your pen and colored pencils!
And like what it said, “Life is a Big Canvass!” “You are given the chance to write your own stories, draw your own paths, and trace your own future!”
You’re free to add color and free to leave everything out in black and white.
Express yourself! Color your heart out! Doodle yourself crazy!

Keep tabs on the books you want to read, 1 book a month goal is not so bad!
Write down the restaurants you want to try out and the food you want to try there!
Set your eyes and goals clearly on the places you want to visit this year!
Track down your expenses and savings each month and see where most of your money is spent!
Monthly summary of your appointments and events!
Take note of what happens everyday and how the day made you feel! Never miss a birthday coz there’s a space meant for Very Important Dates!

The Filed 2012 planner theme this year is Doodle so you can doodle anything you want anyway you want!

Filed 2012 was featured in Top 25 planners of 2012.   Currently they are being sold online and in Fully Booked & Powerbooks branches, at only Php545.00 .

But wait!

What if I tell you you can win the Filed 2012 datebook here!


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  3. In the comment box tell me what features in the Filed 2012 Doodle Datebook you like best!
  4. On your Facebook status tag and Filed and 3 of your friends and write this as your status: I want to win a Filed 2012 Doodle Datebook at!
  5. Include your name, occupation and contact details to your comment for your entries to be valid
That’s it!
Contest begins today (December 5, 2012) at 3pm and will end on December 12, 2012 3PM winners will be announced a day after.  Filed will be the one to send your prizes


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