TIGI Bed Head Styleshot Extreme Straight Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Our hair is our crowning glory. How we look for the day will depend a lot on how we style it. But how our hair behaves will depend on what products we used before styling it.

My hair is naturally wavy, so just like everyone else, I wish I was on the other side of the fence, you know, have ultra-straight hair. I know that shampoo and conditioners can only do so much, but when I tried out the TIGI Bed Head Styleshot Extreme Straight Shampoo & Conditioner a lot of people seems to notice how my hair got straighter than usual.


Product Info
TIGI Bed Head Styleshot Extreme Straight Shampoo & Conditioner has cucumber fruit extract, glycerin, sunflower seed, and grape seed oil in its key ingredients. It promises to make the hair smoother and softer, provided humidity resistance and reduces frizz, adds shine and detangles hair.


Left side is the shampoo, texture is kinda transparent light orange color, right side is the conditioner, texture is thick and white in color.

What I think about it:

  • The first thing you will ever notice in a TIGI Bed Head product is the scent, smell is oh-so-good I always got this urge to eat it haha (but of course I know better to not do so!)  The TIGI Bed Head Syleshot Extreme Straigh Shampoo has this starfruit, citrus scent that can last you the whole day through.  In fact the scent is so long-lasting it leaves a trace of scent on your pillow too!
  • After using this for a couple of days, there’s a lot of people who asked if I got my hair straightened or rebonded.  A funny incident was during the Nuffnang 5th Anniv party when one mommy blogger Joy said “I was looking at you across the room and told myself it looks like Earth but her hair looks straighter!”
  • I don’t promise everyone the same effect but my hair would be straight on top and curly on the ends which is the effect I really love!

Here’s some photo to show you how straight my hair got after two weeks use:

Here’s a photo taken at the Nuffnang 5th Anniv party with the mommy bloggers including Joy (on my left shoulder haha!) who said my hair look straighter!

TIGI BedHead Stylesho Extreme Straight Shampoo retails at Php1,850.00 per 8.45oz tube and the Conditioner retails at Php1,930.00 per 6.76oz tube.

Thanks ARC PR for providing me with the product for review!

I also tried their TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner, this one is perfect with those who have dry and dull hair that needs intervention. You can read my review about this product here.

Have you tried any of the TIGI Bed Head products? How was it for you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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