Sunblock Madness, Temple Run and Instagram and HTC System Update

The best thing about the Holy Week vacation is that we all get to slow down and do things we wanted if we have all the time in the world.  Today,  the family was able to go for a swim at a nearby resort, no beach trip yet but probably soon, had Temple Run installed on my Galaxy Tab, had Instagram installed on my HTC Sensation and had that HTC system update that I’ve been trying for the past week already.

Sunblock  Madness

Sunblock Madness
Being a good beauty blogger (lol) who follows her own tips about skin care especially while under the sun, I brought with me four types of sunblock, sunblock for hair, sunblock for face, sunblock for body and transparent sunblock courtesy of Beach Hut!  Thank you!

Sunblock madness I tell you, but hey its good for your skin.  Take note of the SPF 100!   My favorite of the four is the Transparent Sunblock Spray with SPF75, I love that its not sticky and doesn’t give a white cast on and it feels cool compared to regular sunblock that is kinda sticky, white and warm!

Temple Run

Temple Run for Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7)

Because the internet was surprisingly fast today, probably because most of the Metro Manila residents and users are out-of-town (ergo making the network in Metro Manila less congested) I was able to download Temple Run for Android, which was released March 30, 2012.  If you just want to empty your mind and do nothing but get bummed then pay Temple Run it makes you zone out and think of nothing but ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! LMAO!
Instagram and HTC System Update

Well, well, because of the nice internet speed today, I was able to get my HTC System Updated.  I so love the new HTC system, I feel like I have a  new high tech phone but not really, just a system update.  There’s so many nice features and its a lot faster.  Some bugs were fixed and I love it.   I was also able to download Instagram for Android too (after trying out for a week)

Now I understand why people are so buzzing about Instagram  because sharing is a lot fun and simple with it.

We are planning to hit another resort before the holy week break ends and soon hit the beach, because my feet is itching to feel some sand and some salt water too!

So, how was your Holy Week vacay so far?


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