OOTD: Work Hard Party Harder

Hard work is damn near as overrated as monogamy (Huey Long). Work is also as overrated as many other things in this world that everyone is so hyped about. So instead of sulking do what you do best, work hard and party harder!

Here’s an outfit you can wear for work and play (night out party), most of the pieces in this are from ForMe clothing except the shoes:

OOTD: Work it

get the look

Sweetheart Top: ForMe
Mullet Skirt: ForMe
White purse: ForMe
Checked Jacket: ForMe
Skater Shoes: B-Club
The checked jacket has a coat version too , the fabric they used for the coat and jacket is also used for some purses and bags. Super nice!  I would like to wear them coats and jackets but  its too hot and humid here in the Philippines to wear one.   My friends abroad might like it they price is cheaper than any other brand and the quality is just the same. Very vintage and Jacky O too.
work it
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 Thanks much!
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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