5 Things To Love About Dearfoams

When it comes to foot wear what is your priority? Fashion or comfort?

Personally, I always go for comfort.  These days, shy-high heels and platforms is the trend. Most fashion bloggers and even beauty bloggers in events I attend just love to wear those pretty big shoes I can’t even imagine how comfy or not they are on the feet. I hope they are comfy because for me what’s the use of being fashionable when you can’t even strut and sashay properly because your feet are hurting?   If you notice in most of my outfit post or in event photos with other bloggers I always turn out to be the tiniest girl.  That is because I’d rather wear comfy shoes and embraace my pettiness. If my soles are happy, so am I. However, there are a lot of comfy footwear that don’t really look fashionable. Thank God I discovered Dearfoams.com!

5 things to love about Dearfoams:

  1. They have all sorts of footwear you can wear on a pretty cold weather like today.  Be it Espadrilles, ballerina flats, booties or slippers.  They have it.
  2. Most of their footwear are foam cushioned that are known for the soft, warm fabrics and extra cushioning that is perfect for a cool/cold weather like today!
  3. There’s so many designs and styles you can choose from, ankle boots, knee-high, open toes, thongs, etc!  Choose what you like.
  4. You can shop directly on the website and see reviews (be it negative or positive ones) so you can definitely choose the perfect footwear you want.  The shopping site is very user friendly.
  5. On top of the sale ongoing right now, you can get an additional 10% discount!

Right now I’m looking at this artisan blue booties because it really looks cute and comfy.  With the kind of weather we have right now, I would like to wear it outside!  What I like about the site is that it has tabs for sizing and color preferences and sizing guide.  It also has tabs for review so you can see what the other people who have bought them think about it.   This particular design I choose has a negative and positive review which is a good thing because we know that they don’t only publish the good things about their product but every opinion of their customer counts and is published.


For now they ship using Standaard Fedex Ground, if you order $45.00 or U.S. , Canada or Australia you will get free shipping or an additional $50 for international orders.   They only accept credit card payments.

Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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