Pangasinan Pistay Dagat 2013

I’m still in Pangasinan as I write this post but it looks like I will be back again in May 1, 2013.   Why?  Well I just learned that Pangasinan will be celebrating their yearly feast in the province differently, the Pangasinan Pitay Dagat 2013 expect fo the first time dragon boat racing, kayak and speed boat exhibit!

How did I know of this? Well, we were just among the first to be able to see up close and personal the brand spanking new dragon boats, kayaks and speed boat parked under the bride of Banyaga River in San Carlos, Pangasinan, one of the cleanest river I’ve seen in this lifetime so far.


891758_635229889836693_1730041306_o893097_635215359838146_1078840375_o903926_635215356504813_1903372188_oIMAG4572cute dragon boat head Pangasinan Pistay Dayat 2013
Looks fun eh? Can’t wait to see them boats in action during the Pangasinan Pistay Dagat 2013 happening on May 1, 2013 only here in Pangasinan of course!  Pistay Dayat is the feast of the sea which means the feast will happen at Lingayen Beach! Thanks much Vanj Padilla for being my hostess again for this trip! You rock!

How about you have you witnessed this feast before?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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