Getting Ready For Summer: Hello March 2013!

I don’t know about you but as soon as the date turned 1st of March, the Metro Manila city heat just turned up a notch higher.  It is definitely summer even if our weather bureau PAG-ASA did not declare it yet.  With that said, I am prepping myself for those fun days spent at the beach to get wet and “wild” with fun over and under water adventure that is to come and is set on my calendar.

So, I was booked for a Laser Light Underarm Hair Removal treatment and a Firming Facial at Facial Care Center (FCC) so I will be more confident in showing more skin than usual in my bikini perhaps? Teehee!  Who knows!

Here’s some Do’s and Don’ts before and after having a Laser Light treatment at FCC

Getting my leki-leki #LL ready for summer lolz #LaserLight  treatment at Facial Care Center :)
This is my second laser light (LL) treatment , they said I would need at least 4 treatments to be totally hair free for the rest of my life! Woot!  Sorry I don’t have before and after UA hair pics for this but I promise when I’m totally hair free I’m gonna pose like Marian Rivera on her FHM cover so you can see how totally smooth and hair free my leki-leki (UA) is after my LL sessions!  Aja!

FCC robe

The FCC Robe

Which is better? On or Off?

on or off?waiting
view from the 36th floor

View from the 36th Floor!

My face was totally a wreck the past few weeks.  I’ve been having a lot of break-outs and pimples are just coming out of nowhere everywhere and its very annoying and very yucky!  So, I needed a very very good facial ASAP!  They gave me a firming facial at FCC too! Yay!

Having a steam for 10 minutes

peek-a-boo I see you! steam at Facial Care Center

With the firming mask on for 15 minutes

firming facial at FCC
My technician said my face is too tight so it was a bit hard to suck all the dirt out of my face. I had a very painful extraction but it has to be done (tiis-ganda as they say!). The things we do for beauty! LOLZ!  I feel great after as if all those dirt on my face that’s been causing all those crazy breakouts were lifted off my face! She got a lot! I didn’t took a pic though it was kinda disgusting!

off lolz
Thank you NJ Torres , Bea and Nica and to my Facial Care Centre family!  
How about you, how did you welcome March 2013?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Janni try those treatment in spas for underarm whitening but make sure do it in a dermatological approved salons when you do or if you have Gluta-C Intense whitening there you can try it too

  2. How could i get rid of dark underarms?Okay so to start off Im going to say yes my ptucire looks nothing like me and no it has nothing to do with insecurities im just waaaaaaaayyyyyyy to lazy right now to make it look like me lol so just ignore that, but I am a black girl and unfortrunately like a lot of girls i have black underarms which gross me out. is there anyway for me to save myself lol, any cream that exists anything but waxing. i want to lighten them and get them a lot smoother so i can raise my arms without feeling so self concious howevre you spell that

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