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OOTD: In Every Nook and Cranny

Each time I visit a new place, I try my best to see almost everything there is to see.  This is mostly true in a place where there’s beautiful architecture, interior decoration, furnishing , structure, fixtures, painting, and what not, I can’t stop but become trigger happy and take a shot of  everything I could. With each photograph taken of every nook and cranny comes a wish, a wish that I can stay in such a gorgeous place as long as I live!

OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
What I wore:
Crochet Top: SM Ladies Fashion
Navy striped pencil cut skirt: Oxygen

Thanks @LAMEAccessories for the lkvely red braid chain bracelet :)transparent
Transparent Wedge: Mags
Earrings: SM Accessories
Bracelet: L.A.M.E. (Look at Me Everyone) Accessories and Avon Fashions
OOTD: In Every ook and Cranny
This was taken at the entrance / lobby of Solaire Resort and Casino
I love the gorgeous chandelier that greets everyone who comes in! So beautiful!

I want to take home the chandelier if I could!

OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
The majestic staircase leading to the VIP area!

OOTD: In Every Nook & CrannyOOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
The view from our corner room the roof deck!

OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny

A lovely view of Manila Bay!

OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
The bed

OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
The kichen bar area

OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
The elevator area

OOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
and yes even the public restroom at the entertainment area!

OOTD: In Every Nook & CrannyOOTD: In Every Nook & Cranny
I will tell you more of Solaire Resort on a later post. I hope that piqued your interest in visiting this brand new place! It’s just remarkably spacious and beautiful everywhere! I also hope you like the outfit! I love my skirt and shoes in particular btw. Haha!

OOTD: In Every Nooo and Cranny
Earrings: SM Accessories, Top: SM Ladies Fashion, Skirt: OXYGEN Clothing, Bracelets: L.A.M.E. Accessories and Avon Fashions, Shoes: MAGS (Facebook pages of each brands are linked above)

How about you, have you been to Solaire Resort and Casinoyet?  If not don’t worry will tell you more about the place on my next post. (here)

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. earthlingorgeous

    hahaha! na-addict lang ang ganda ng place super! I love the chandeliers indeed ! sobrang fabulous!

  2. Nice! Selfies overload, Earth! 😀 Love your new hair color! Those are magnificent chandeliers! 🙂

  3. Lovely photos, Earth! Will look forward to more beautiful photos on your next post. 🙂

  4. earthlingorgeous

    haha! Thanks Lizzie!

  5. Lovely place indeed. I love your charm bracelet and I just noticed how great your legs look. 🙂

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